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Stepper Drives

Puri Automation is the single source for all of your stepper drive repair needs. Perfection has experience with all the major brands of stepper drives. Every unit we receive is initially static-checked and cleaned. Once the unit is approved for completion it is repaired and tested with a motor to simulate your application. All drives are returned with a service report and a one year in-service warranty.

We offer troubleshooting and repair of all Stepper drives, stepper and servo type, new and old. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of your drive. Like everything we work on, we repair all drives to component level.

We do not outsource our work to other instrumentation or electronic repair firms.

  • Standard repair 3-10 working days
  • Immediate evaluation
  • Replacements
  • New
  • Reconditioned
  • Exchange
  • Fully trained personnel
  • High tech repair facilities
Stepper Motor

If you need Stepper Motor Repair,Puri Automation is your go to partner for dependable service.

Puri Automation performs extensive component level repairs, touching up solder traces, replacing bad components, as well as full testing of ICs, PALs, EPROMs, GALs, surface mounted components and much more. Every Stepper Motor Repair is subjected to dynamic function tests to verify successful repair and then backed by our repair guarantee. Sealers and conformal coatings are re-applied as needed with each repair restoring your equipment back to its original OEM specs.

Puri Automation is more than a service provider for your industry. We are a partner and a dedicated resource for your team members to rely upon. Feel confident that we don't play the lingo game. We are real people, with real goals. Our company is always open minded and intent on isolating problems to keep organizations up and running 24/7. We are a leading service provider that believes educated personal is the best policy.