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We manufacture/service PLC/ Microprocessor-based Automation Systems, which are designed according to customer's specifications.

In any production process there a trip or alarm condition can occur at a set parameter point. Our PLC/Microprocessor based machine Alarm Annunciator is designed to indicate such a condition in a very accurate and highly efficient manner. This Alarm Annunciator is capable of scanning the fault conditions on a constant basis by flashing the LED Facia Windows of the Annunciator, along with activating the audio Hooter. Such indications help operators take corrective and essential actions in any such situation.

The Annunciator manufactured by us is able to scan all the necessary parameters and report any type pf failure. The Annunciator can be designed with several inputs and can be customized according to the process. The inputs of the annunciator are programmable and site-selected for NC (Normally Close) and NO (Normally Open) sensing, and are optically isolated. Our broad variety of Annunciators fulfills varying needs of customers.