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Processes are becoming more and more multi-layered and demands on the functionality of machines and plants keep on growing. At the center of these forces are the operators. They must have access to information and knowledge in a timely manner to make the best possible decisions; this is what effective Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers.

From touch panels, operator panels and visualization software for machine-level human machine interface functionality right up to scalable WinCC SCADA sytems for the most diverse requirements in process visualization: Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers a finely graded range of innovative and cost effective products and systems from a single source, Siemens Automation and and Drives.

Puri Automations do services for Human-Machine Interface or HMI Displays. These products monitor the performance on machines or processes. They can display various operational items including servo motors position, variable frequency drives speed and proportional control valves settings. By visualizing the operation, HMIís can display when a process is amiss, documenting or relaying the information to a corresponding PLC.

HMI Display Methods:

  • Text Displays

  • Graphic Capabilities

  • Touch Screen/Animation

HMI Displays provide operators with the capability to see the process PLCís. Through various levels of security, assembly line workers, supervisors and managers are able to control the operation, change the processes or use for speedy maintenance repairs. It improves the ability of the process control by allowing for changes in the process without changing the PLC program.

HMI Features

  • Temperature gauge with high resolution to the minute and second
  • Stores temperature history for up to 5 years


  • Allows operator to stop and start refrigeration/defrost cycles
  • Easily reprogrammable to add almost any function that exist currently without extra wiring or design changes
  • Clear customizable HMI status screens for easier troubleshooting and to save on downtime
  • Password protection to lock specific people out of changing set points and performing certain functions
  • Color coding allows for easy identification
  • Takes the place of physical push buttons
  • Flush mount for a clean look and ***ADA access***